Lawn Care during autumn and winter

One of the best things about the winter season is that we do not have to cut the grass on the lawn.  However, there are a few things we can do in winter to make sure that we are going to have a luxurious lawn once the spring has come. These tips are suggested by the lawn care experts at Tree Services Annapolis.

Lawn Care In late autumn or early winter, it’s the best time to fertilize the lawn. Before the first freezing, fertilize the lawn to make sure you replace the nutrients that the lawn has lost during hot summer season. Once the weather gets cold, the fertilizer will stay in the ground and it will feed the roots during the winter. When spring will come the lawn will look fresh and healthy because it was kept fed by the fertilizer under the thick layer of snow.

During the last summer month, you should cut the grass gradually, to avoid causing a shock by cutting it too short. If you start cutting it gradually, you’ll allow the lawn to adjust to the seasonal change. If you do not cut the lawn before the winter, it can be a prey for the mice. They are looking for a warm place to spend the winter and they will tear your lawn apart to build their nests. Make sure that at the end of the season your grass is properly cut.

Make sure that you keep the lawn clean. During winter there’s a possibility to forget anything on the lawn from wood logs to toys. If you have seen these kinds of items on the lawn before, make sure that you clean it before the first snow arrives. If you forget a big object on the lawn, when spring comes you will notice that the snowfall has damaged that portion of the lawn and that it looks unhealth

Avoid walking on the lawn. Most people forget that when the grass is brown and short they should not step on it. Try to avoid walking on lawn during winter even though the grass can support a few steps but do not exaggerate, it can cause permanent damage to your lawn. Also, make sure that you do not allow anybody to park on your lawn. Even the smallest car leaves traces and kills the grass that’s under the wheels.

Even though you do not have to cut the grass during autumn and winter, you should make sure that you follow these maintenance steps so the grass will look amazing next year. Before the winter arrives make sure that you cut the grass and fertilize the lawn. Make sure you do not deposit any objects on the lawn and make sure that you ask the family to do the same. Establish a no-parking rule and respect it.

Once you have made sure that you have followed these steps, you will be ready to enjoy a cozy winter season, before the spring arrives and you have to start the proper maintenance for your lawn.


Factory Carpet Cleaning

A perfect living room has a fluffy, soft and warm carpet on the floor so you can relax your feet after a long day of work. Nothing compare with the soft touch of a clean, Turkish carpet on your feet on a cold winter day. Everyone must have at least one of these colorful, luxurious carpets. Cleaning the carpet, however, is one of the hardest and most difficult house chores and is one of the tasks that you can not skip, no matter how much you hate it. If you really don’t like it and want them cleaned really well, we suggest you contact our friends at Annapolis Clean Carpet. (

Carpet CleaningMaintaining a soft, clean carpet is a real challenge for most of us. You have to make sure that you vacuum every week, and that you clean the carpet every three months to make sure that it is not turning into a dirt paradise. There are different carpet cleaning products that you can find in any supermarket and that are a true help in your house. Before you start cleaning it make sure that you have special carpet brush. There are different types of brushes that come in all shapes and sizes, do your research and choose the brush with the right features for your type of carpet.

However, at least once a year we recommend calling the professionals to help you with cleaning the carpet. There are thousands of different companies that are specialized in cleaning carpets and rugs. You can choose either a dry carpet cleaning or a wet cleaning. Before leaving your precious carpet in the hands of a cleaning company, make sure that it has good online reviews. Take your time, analyze the offer, the feedbacks customers leave on their website and the competition of each website.

Since the carpet often is the victim of spills, pet dirt and mud from your shoes we have made a list of popular cleaning carpet tricks.

For the wine stains we recommend mixing one part of white vinegar with one part of tap water and spraying the solution directly on the stain. After a few minutes absorb the liquid with a dry, clean sponge. If the stain has not disappeared, repeat the process until it is gone. After the stain is gone, rinse the spot with warm water and brush the carpet strands into the right direction with your hand. Cover the place with a dry towel and let it there until the carpet has dried completely.

Dried gum is a mother’s biggest nightmare. However, there is an easy way to get rid of the sticky nightmare. Head to the fridge and get a few ice cubes. Put the cubes directly on to the gum and wait until it has frozen completely. Now slowly cut the carpet stains under the gum as close to the it as possible.

If you want to get rid of wax stains you should now that you can remove them with a cloth and your iron. Place the cloth on the stain and put the iron on top of it. The heat will make the wax stick to the cloth and your carpet will be clean.

Window Cleaning

Dirty windows are a result of dust, pollen, rain, bugs, etc. They block the sun rays from shining through your house and make your living spaces duller. Window washing is not exactly a task people look forward to, making windows probably the most neglected parts of a home. A lot of us have experienced the frustration of washing windows only for them to look dirty shortly after they dry. Window experts blame this on the wrong washing technique mostly with spray cleaners, elbow grease, paper towels, and newspapers.

Window CleaningThe reason this happens is due to the constant rubbing. It creates a static charge on the glass attracting more dust and dirt. To clean your windows effectively, some basic equipment and technique are recommended. You will need;

  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Squeegee
  • Large Dry Brush
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Drying Pad/Free Cloth


  • Remove any blinds and tie back any curtains. A dustpan brush or broom handle will remove dirt from the window corners or sill for any dust that has settled on the area.
  • Use a sponge to wash your window with warm soapy water. Some cleaning solutions may be too harsh and damage paintwork in the surrounding areas so caution is advised.
  • Using a clean squeegee, work your way from the top to the bottom in a spiral pattern to increase efficiency. Wipe it regularly with an old rag to avoid spreading the dirt around.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to remove excess water from the glass. Dry the windowsill as well.

Window Cleaning Tips

  • Washing the windows in direct sunlight may dry them too quickly leaving streak marks. Cloudy weather is best for window cleaning.
  • Make sure to clean your windows at least twice a year.
  • There a lot of effective homemade cleaning solutions that you can use for economic
  • Sometimes buffing with a crumpled newspaper adds some shine to your window’s glass.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

If you decide to hire a professional cleaner, some variables may affect the final cost. These include;

  • Interior or Exterior Service

Selecting an interior-only or exterior-only service is bound to save you some few coins. However, you may opt to do both and if this is the case, get them done at once for an all-inclusive price. You might even get a discounted price.

  • Number of Windows

More windows, of course, mean a higher pay. Some companies even charge by the number of panes being cleaned.

  • Ease of Access

Some extra equipment like ladders will be needed if the windows are not easily accessible. It will also take more time to clean such areas.

  • How Dirty the Glass is

It would take more equipment and cleaning solutions to effectively clean dirty windows so this will definitely affect the final price.

Some extra charges that may apply might include screen cleaning, paint or stain removal, or cleaning windowsills and tracks. If you have neglected your windows for a while, you will be surprised at how clean windows transform the appearance of your home and your living spaces.

Cabinet Refacing

An alternative and cost-effective way to update your home would be cabinet refacing. Rather than do an entire replacement of your cabinet, consider upgrading or enhancing their outside look. Cabinets take up more than 50% of the kitchen space and so are a key factor when you decide to do a remodel. It can be something simple or you can decide to go all out. If you are on a tight budget, refacing is an excellent option to achieve a new look without having to break the bank.

Over time, cabinets get worn out, or their styles and designs simply go out of fashion.Cabinet Refacing

Refacing involves new doors, matching veneers, and drawer fronts while maintaining the cabinet boxes. This will enhance durability and appeal while working with a reasonable budget. The best thing about refacing is that it takes a relatively short time, 2-4 days for completion unlike a complete refurbish which takes at least a week or more. Most professional companies do clean the work area after the day’s activities, so no major disruptions take place.

Refacing is also an environmentally friendly option as the cabinets could have ended up in a landfill somewhere. Refacing may involve installation of additional cabinets and spaces in other areas of your home. Although it may not seem like it, replacing your cabinets is so much easier than refacing or recrafting them. It is best to contract professional services as this requires a more professional touch and skilled expertise.

Whether you are looking for a subtle or dramatic look, traditional or modern, etc., refacing is a more straightforward and affordable process that will transform your home spaces. Bathrooms, kitchens, countertops, are some of the areas that are mostly recrafted. Most times the cabinets are still in a good state; they just need a bit of shine to look as good as new.

There are 3 main options, Rigid Thermofoil (RTF), Plastic laminates and Real wood. RTF is a plastic coating over a door that can be different colors.  Plastic laminates are available in many colors and textures. With real wood you can put a veneer of oak, maple, cherry onto the doors and drawers.

For more information, check out this article.

Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts serve a significant function in the home. They ensure air circulation from your heating and cooling system to every part of your house. You are therefore assured of comfort regardless the season. The air circulating in your duct is the same air that is released to your home. It is essential that this air remains clean for the well-being of your family.

When it comes to cleaning, ducts can often be overlooked. The removal of dust and contaminants in the ductwork is what is referred to as air duct cleaning. The ductwork includes the registers, diffusers, and all the supply and returns air ducts in each room. Effective cleaning will whisk away all the dirt and debris to prevent the contaminated or dusty air from being circulated in the house.

Benefits of Duct CleaningDuct Cleaning

  • Clean Environment

Professionally cleaned ducts reduce the amount of dust in your home that would otherwise settle on your furniture and upholstery. This leads to a much cleaner home.

  • Reduce Allergens

Dust, allergens, and harmful micro-organisms are found in the ducts. Some of these may come from pets. It is harmful to people especially those who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma or allergies

  • Easier Breathing

A cleaner environment is a healthier environment for everyone as it makes it easier to breathe. Dust and other contaminants can trigger coughs and sneezes and also bring about a sinus and bronchial congestion.

  • Removes Odors

Dirt can contribute to musty smells especially when the duct is running. Thorough cleaning will remove any bad odor trappings resulting to a fresher smelling house.

  • Improves Air Flow

The build-up of dirt over time is bound to restrict air flow reducing its efficiency. A clean system will be cost-effective and promote peak performance.

Who Should Get Their Ducts Cleaned?

This depends on your living conditions but it is recommended to clean every three to five years. Other instances where duct cleaning is needed include;

  • Moving into a new house
  • Allergies or asthma in family members
  • New furnace or central AC installation
  • Completion of a home renovation
  • Several people living together including pets and young children


Questions to Ask a Contractor’s References

Each one of us is always faced with construction projects that require professional help. While the process of hiring a construction contractor might seem so easy to some people, most homeowners tend to skip an important step. It’s not just enough to verify a contractor’s credentials and license status. You also need to ask for references before making your decision as to whether or not to hire the contractor.

Is it that important, you may ask? Yes, it’s very important. You shouldn’t just request for a list of references to having them but to contact them and know if the contractor is the right fit for your construction project. While many homeowners are aware of this fact, they still don’t know or aren’t sure about the questions to ask the references provided. Your focus should be to ask questions that will help you learn more about the contractor’s reliability and quality of work. Here are some of the questions you can ask.

What Kind of Service or Project Did the Construction Contractor Do for you?

Whether you’re dealing with a remodeling project or any other home service, it’s important to understand whether the constructor worked on a small-scale project or a larger one. You may want to find out the goal of the project he was handling as well. This will help you compare your expectations and goals with that of the previous customer before determining if the contractor is fit for your project.

Did the Contractor Show up on Time?

It’s important that you find out if the contractor is reliable. How often did his team visit your home? How long did they take to complete the project? How could you rate their service regarding reliability? You may also want to know if the contractor cleaned up the site after accomplishing the work.

Did you Verify the Contractor’s Credentials?

Most construction and home improvement projects require permits from local authorities which is why you need to know if the contractor had any issues obtaining them. Of course, you can check and verify the contractor’s license and insurance documents. The most important thing is finding out if the contractor can obtain the necessary permits for your project.

Did the Contractor hire any Subcontractor?

If the contractor worked on the project himself, you might want to know if the crew was pleasant, friendly, and easy to work with. Note that the contractor might have used subcontractors to handle part or the whole project. If this was the case, was the reference happy with the subcontractors?

Did the Contractor Meet your Expectations?

Expectations, in this case, would range from the budget to the expected results. Were there any delays that affected the budget? If the expectations were not met, why? Did the contractor meet the obligations of the contract? Was the project accomplished within the agreed time? If not, find out why? It’s also important to find out if the work passed code inspection.

These questions can help you know what to expect from the contractor handling your project. You can also consider asking the references if they would comfortably hire the contractor again. If they aren’t willing, ask them why. The first step to having a successful construction or home improvement project is to hire the right person for the job.