Window Cleaning

Dirty windows are a result of dust, pollen, rain, bugs, etc. They block the sun rays from shining through your house and make your living spaces duller. Window washing is not exactly a task people look forward to, making windows probably the most neglected parts of a home. A lot of us have experienced the frustration of washing windows only for them to look dirty shortly after they dry. Window experts blame this on the wrong washing technique mostly with spray cleaners, elbow grease, paper towels, and newspapers.

Window CleaningThe reason this happens is due to the constant rubbing. It creates a static charge on the glass attracting more dust and dirt. To clean your windows effectively, some basic equipment and technique are recommended. You will need;

  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Squeegee
  • Large Dry Brush
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Drying Pad/Free Cloth


  • Remove any blinds and tie back any curtains. A dustpan brush or broom handle will remove dirt from the window corners or sill for any dust that has settled on the area.
  • Use a sponge to wash your window with warm soapy water. Some cleaning solutions may be too harsh and damage paintwork in the surrounding areas so caution is advised.
  • Using a clean squeegee, work your way from the top to the bottom in a spiral pattern to increase efficiency. Wipe it regularly with an old rag to avoid spreading the dirt around.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to remove excess water from the glass. Dry the windowsill as well.

Window Cleaning Tips

  • Washing the windows in direct sunlight may dry them too quickly leaving streak marks. Cloudy weather is best for window cleaning.
  • Make sure to clean your windows at least twice a year.
  • There a lot of effective homemade cleaning solutions that you can use for economic
  • Sometimes buffing with a crumpled newspaper adds some shine to your window’s glass.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

If you decide to hire a professional cleaner, some variables may affect the final cost. These include;

  • Interior or Exterior Service

Selecting an interior-only or exterior-only service is bound to save you some few coins. However, you may opt to do both and if this is the case, get them done at once for an all-inclusive price. You might even get a discounted price.

  • Number of Windows

More windows, of course, mean a higher pay. Some companies even charge by the number of panes being cleaned.

  • Ease of Access

Some extra equipment like ladders will be needed if the windows are not easily accessible. It will also take more time to clean such areas.

  • How Dirty the Glass is

It would take more equipment and cleaning solutions to effectively clean dirty windows so this will definitely affect the final price.

Some extra charges that may apply might include screen cleaning, paint or stain removal, or cleaning windowsills and tracks. If you have neglected your windows for a while, you will be surprised at how clean windows transform the appearance of your home and your living spaces.