Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts serve a significant function in the home. They ensure air circulation from your heating and cooling system to every part of your house. You are therefore assured of comfort regardless the season. The air circulating in your duct is the same air that is released to your home. It is essential that this air remains clean for the well-being of your family.

When it comes to cleaning, ducts can often be overlooked. The removal of dust and contaminants in the ductwork is what is referred to as air duct cleaning. The ductwork includes the registers, diffusers, and all the supply and returns air ducts in each room. Effective cleaning will whisk away all the dirt and debris to prevent the contaminated or dusty air from being circulated in the house.

Benefits of Duct CleaningDuct Cleaning

  • Clean Environment

Professionally cleaned ducts reduce the amount of dust in your home that would otherwise settle on your furniture and upholstery. This leads to a much cleaner home.

  • Reduce Allergens

Dust, allergens, and harmful micro-organisms are found in the ducts. Some of these may come from pets. It is harmful to people especially those who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma or allergies

  • Easier Breathing

A cleaner environment is a healthier environment for everyone as it makes it easier to breathe. Dust and other contaminants can trigger coughs and sneezes and also bring about a sinus and bronchial congestion.

  • Removes Odors

Dirt can contribute to musty smells especially when the duct is running. Thorough cleaning will remove any bad odor trappings resulting to a fresher smelling house.

  • Improves Air Flow

The build-up of dirt over time is bound to restrict air flow reducing its efficiency. A clean system will be cost-effective and promote peak performance.

Who Should Get Their Ducts Cleaned?

This depends on your living conditions but it is recommended to clean every three to five years. Other instances where duct cleaning is needed include;

  • Moving into a new house
  • Allergies or asthma in family members
  • New furnace or central AC installation
  • Completion of a home renovation
  • Several people living together including pets and young children