Questions to Ask a Contractor’s References

Each one of us is always faced with construction projects that require professional help. While the process of hiring a construction contractor might seem so easy to some people, most homeowners tend to skip an important step. It’s not just enough to verify a contractor’s credentials and license status. You also need to ask for references before making your decision as to whether or not to hire the contractor.

Is it that important, you may ask? Yes, it’s very important. You shouldn’t just request for a list of references to having them but to contact them and know if the contractor is the right fit for your construction project. While many homeowners are aware of this fact, they still don’t know or aren’t sure about the questions to ask the references provided. Your focus should be to ask questions that will help you learn more about the contractor’s reliability and quality of work. Here are some of the questions you can ask.

What Kind of Service or Project Did the Construction Contractor Do for you?

Whether you’re dealing with a remodeling project or any other home service, it’s important to understand whether the constructor worked on a small-scale project or a larger one. You may want to find out the goal of the project he was handling as well. This will help you compare your expectations and goals with that of the previous customer before determining if the contractor is fit for your project.

Did the Contractor Show up on Time?

It’s important that you find out if the contractor is reliable. How often did his team visit your home? How long did they take to complete the project? How could you rate their service regarding reliability? You may also want to know if the contractor cleaned up the site after accomplishing the work.

Did you Verify the Contractor’s Credentials?

Most construction and home improvement projects require permits from local authorities which is why you need to know if the contractor had any issues obtaining them. Of course, you can check and verify the contractor’s license and insurance documents. The most important thing is finding out if the contractor can obtain the necessary permits for your project.

Did the Contractor hire any Subcontractor?

If the contractor worked on the project himself, you might want to know if the crew was pleasant, friendly, and easy to work with. Note that the contractor might have used subcontractors to handle part or the whole project. If this was the case, was the reference happy with the subcontractors?

Did the Contractor Meet your Expectations?

Expectations, in this case, would range from the budget to the expected results. Were there any delays that affected the budget? If the expectations were not met, why? Did the contractor meet the obligations of the contract? Was the project accomplished within the agreed time? If not, find out why? It’s also important to find out if the work passed code inspection.

These questions can help you know what to expect from the contractor handling your project. You can also consider asking the references if they would comfortably hire the contractor again. If they aren’t willing, ask them why. The first step to having a successful construction or home improvement project is to hire the right person for the job.